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Linkedin Data Extractor V3.0

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[:en]Linkedin is the most popular social network in the professional / business environment. All Linkedin members and members enter important information such as email address, job title, and other data related to their curriculum vitae. Thanks to Linkedin Email Extractor it is now possible to capture this information and in particular the email addresses of Linkedin subscribers. It is possible to search by selecting the nationality, job title, location and other keywords. This email extractor works by using the Bing search engine applied to the Linkedin site.[:]


Linkedin Data Extractor

Social Email Extractor is a new and powerful software designed to scan the LINKEDIN pages in search of the email addresses of all linkedin members. Linkedin is certainly the most important and popular professional Social Network in the world, which is why it includes data from many companies and over time its database becomes even more solid and valuable.


This Linkedin Email Extractor is really simple to use, just enter some keywords, perform the search and finally start extracting the information. In order to search and capture data and email addresses here are some filters you can apply: country, city, job title, company name, and any other keywords.


Below is a detailed step by step guide that will show you how to best use this “Linkedin Spider”.


First download and install Linkedin Email Extractor on your WINDOWS PC



Start Linkedin Email Extractor INSTALL the program on your computer. Once started you will see the following screen.



Search Enter the search data. The first field is that of the JOB TITLE (eg search for “Consultants” or “IT Manager” or “Marketing Manager” and so on). The second field is the nation (Italy, Germany, France, USA, England …): you can search for linkedin members from ALL OVER THE WORLD! The third field (optional) is the location (for example, you can enter a city or region). The last field can be used to enter another keyword. After entering the data, click on SUBMIT


Data Capture After clicking on SUBMIT the window will open with the search results in the BING engine. At this point, to start extrapolating all data from employees / professionals and linkedin subscribers, simply click on DATA CAPTURE as shown in the following figure


Extract email addresses The program will automatically extract the data of the persons with relative JOB TITLE and email address (if this has been published by the user). The percentage of email addresses is very high and they are all “private” emails like @ gmail.com, @ yahoo.com and @ hotmail.com. At the end of the data capture you can select all the results and click EXPORT to save everything in a CSV or EXCEL file. By default the CSV format is set but you can change it by accessing SETTINGS :[:]


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